Double click anywhere on this bulletin board to add your idea of what our first class goal should be.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

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New Beginnings

For at least six years I’ve had a blog on Class Blogmeister.  It served as a place to highlight student work, welcome encouraging comments and connect with families and classrooms around the world.  I spent all of last year trying to settle on a new blog hosting site.  Because I took so long to make the switch, my families and students missed out on the tremendous benefits of a classroom blog and I didn’t have an outlet for  sharing my excitement for what was happening in our classroom everyday.  This new blog will serve as such a place as well as my outlet for reflecting on my teaching, student learning and what I know is good for students.   Students will continue to have their own blogs on Kidblog which is linked on this homepage.  We welcome comments on both.

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